About a month ago, I announced the birth of Will the One-Winged Eagle, my brand new children’s book; however, I never elaborated on how exactly Will was conceived. Well, I think it’s time we have that talk.

The truth is that Will was actually created a little over a year ago, in text that is. Inspired by the birth of my nephew, Jimmy, I wanted to write a story that would instill the belief in children that anything is possible. In a world that is more divided than ever, I also wanted the story to inspire children to feel comfortable in their own skin and embrace their unique differences. After jotting the story down in my notes in my iPhone, editing a few different drafts with a fine tooth comb, and giving the story a title, Will the One-Winged Eagle was officially written into existence.

There was still one piece missing, though. I needed an illustrator! I knew it’d be quite easy to find some random graphics designer to illustrate my story, but that’s not what I wanted to do. I wanted to work with someone who would share my passion for changing the way the world views Disability. I wanted to work with someone who would speak to the mission of Disable the Brand, a person with a disability who is able to give my story life.

Then, along came Kris Napper. One random day, I was browsing through Facebook per usual when I came across a news excerpt. It was all about Kris, a graphics designer turned entrepreneur based in Seattle, also overcoming stereotypes as a person with Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

Boom! A lightbulb went off in my head. I knew this was meant to be. I reached out to Kris via Facebook, and the rest is history. We’ve never met in person, but in today’s day and age, living on opposite ends of the country is no excuse not to make the story happen. I imagine we’ll meet some day, maybe after the story is uber successful and they invite us both to Ellen. But only after the story is uber successful.