The Power of Words/ Why I Love to Write

People often say when one of the five senses is compromised, another is heightened to compensate for the deficiency. Well, I know physical strength is not one of the five senses, but I do believe my ability to use words is better than average to compensate for my physical limitations, in the same sense. Since [...]

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Hamza Jaka: [dis]ABLE Societal Limitations

In living my life with a physical disability, I’ve faced many limitations. My disability really was never one of those, in spite of what people think. Sure, there are certainly parts of my disability that aren’t exactly pleasant, but the biggest limitations have come from the society around me. For example, people often ask me [...]

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How I Won My Job

I went on over thirty interviews before I was finally offered two different full-time positions. Having a degree in finance and two internships under my belt, I was given interviews at top-notch companies such as Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and many more highly regarded finance companies. It wasn’t until I read How [...]

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